The Collective • Education Packet - Drum Major

The Collective • Education Packet - Drum Major

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Take the first step in pushing your skills to the next level! The first date for drum major assignments is January 31st, but we strongly suggest you gather your packet sooner than later because the first of the three rounds may require extensive work on the student's part to prepare.


  • Education Packet & pathway to becoming a Crossmen Drum Major
  • Leadership Seminars - booklet & four classes held in January 2021
  • ONE 30-minute private lesson1
  • Audition fee2

Please make sure you fill out the REGISTRATION FORM if you have yet to do so.

Once you purchase the packet, schedule the private lesson immediately after checkout or at a later time from a provided link sent by email. If you would like additional lessons, you can purchase them HERE.

Fee is included in the Drum Major package.


  • Upon purchase, please check the email you used to acquire the education packet. Because of the nature of the purchase, all sales are final and non-refundable, video auditions included. If you have any major concerns or issues, we would be happy to help navigate the problem with you. Please email for help.
  • Private lessons can be scheduled after payment or through email after purchase. Please allow up to 24 hours for the automated email to be sent.
  • Due to operational changes, t-shirts will be shipped as early as January 4th.

*To audition for the Crossmen is to understand that the 2021 season is going to be significantly different than any other Summer programming - The experience will be different; The places we will be able to go will be different; The way in which we conduct day-to-day and competitive life will change. To audition for the Crossmen is to understand that this season is a bridge to the 2022 and beyond and will require every student's patience and understanding as we navigate through modifications, changes and cancellations along the way.